Building and construction website

Website for building and construction company

This website was developed for building and construction company. Because company also sell interior design materials, main task was to provide e-commerce like section for products, reference section with filtering.

Customer Tasks
When the Entext Invest LLC partnered with OLSAWeb for a site overhaul, their existing site was hard to navigate and find real estate by amenities. Also they doesn't have list of finished Buildings as a Portfolio page. OLSAWeb made extensive technological improvements for the new custom built and responsive site, including transferring the site from WordPress to the ProcessWire CMS, and integrating real estate filter module for finding flat among multiple Buildings (projects). We topped it off with real estate navigation by number of room filter, Ajax pop up window with button integrated, and professional photo and video project plan.

Price range for website like this: 2000 € to 2500 €