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Interior and Exterior Design

Website for leading interior design company in Montenegro. One of the challenges were data migration from Joomla to Processwire, develope online PDF viewer, integrate Ajax filtering and pagination, provide image tagging options, etc.

Project was built for interior and exterior design company from Montenegro. Client request was to develope website but not using Joomla or Wordpress and with clean and simple backend administration. Other requests were to provide large and flexible products categorization, on-product page like e-commerce.

Ajax search and filtering, inspirations page with abillity to tag products on photo, develop customized component for online PDF viewer (but not using external services like Issue), etc... Currently in database are about 4000 product items, but in testing procedures we had successful and fast website response with about 20 000 product items.

Price range for project like this: 2000 € to 4000 €