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Website for Selling Luxury Villa's

Real estate website for selling luxury villa's in Montenegro. Thanks to ProcessWire CMS, back-end is clean and intuitive, and on the front-end task was to design modern look with Ajax animated page transitions.

Animated page transitions

Our client construct, build, and sell luxury apartments and villas in Montenegro.
One of requests was to develope website with animated page transitions and if possible without scrolling to bottom pages. We suggest some other solutions because website users experience is very important and some don't like websites with unusual navigation flow. On pages where we integrate Javascript Ajax page transitions, for back to URL action we use HTML5’s history API (history.pushState method).
Thanks to ProcessWire CMS, website has clean and intuitive administration, and because of that client do not need any support with content managment.

Price range for website like this: 1500 € to 2200 €